Bethany McLean, Author of All the Devils are Here, The Hidden History of the Financial Crisis.

-Bethany McLean talks about the hidden history of financial crisis and how Wall Street, the mortgage industry, and the government conspired to change the way Americans brought their homes, creating a perfect storm. 

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-Moe wraps up the week by explaining the importance of asset allocation and portfolio diversification as strong investment strategies to consider when building a successful financial portfolio.

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Denise Voigt Crawford, Texas Securities Commissioner and Past President of North American Securities Administrators Association Inc. 

-Denise Crawford talks about the importance of Budgeting, Saving, Investing and Retirement as core factors to consider in order to build a balanced financial plan for the Sandwich generation.

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-Moe talks about growth, value and income as the three main investing philosophies and how they help shape your thinking towards a successful financial portfolio.

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-Moe talks about interest rates cuts and how your investments can benefit from the turmoil in the financial markets despite the uncertainty and volatility in the financial markets lately.

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-Moe talks about the uncertainty of social security and pension benefits, the importance of asset allocation diversification and proactive investment as core steps towards building a successful retirement plan. 

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-Moe talks about stocks investment and the vital factors to consider when selecting a stock broker in order to avoid financial loss and funds misappropriation.

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-Moe wraps up the week by explaining the importance of portfolio diversification as a good protection against risk and an excellent hedge against stock volatility.

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Charles Rotblutt, Vice President of the American Association of Individual Investors and Author of Better Good than Lucky, How Savvy Investors Create Fortune with Risk Reward Ratio

-Charles Rotblutt talks about the works of financial pioneers, their investment strategies and how to evaluate business models and other techniques for creating your own luck.

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David Kelly, Managing Director and Chief Market Strategist of JP Morgan Funds

-David Kelly talks about the Fed unleashing a wave of inflation as a core implication of QE2 on the global economy. 

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Shayne McGuire, Pension Fund Manager for the Teacher Retirement System of Texas and Author of Hard Money Taking Gold to a Higher Investment Level.

-Shayne McGuire offers key strategies to enhancing returns with new methods of investing in gold and making gold a part of your portfolio.

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Kevin Kerr, President and CEO of Kerr Trading International

Kevin Kerr talks about the importance and uses of Rare Earth Elements, their relation to the global markets and specifically, China.

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Micheal Englund, Principal Director and Chief Economist for Actions Economics.

-Micheal Englund talks about the unintended consequences of the Fed policy actions and the implications of QE II on the global economy.

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-Moe wraps up the week by analyzing the effect of the U.S quantitative easing II on China.

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Moe talks about the G20 summit playing a big role in promoting global monetary reforms and helping the global economy have a strong sustainable growth.

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Greg Farell, Correspondent for the Financial Times and Author of Crash of the Titans,Greed Hubris,the fall of Merill Lynch.

-Greg Farell talks about the sudden decline and collapse of Merill Lynch due to incompetence, hubris and greed.

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Viviana Zelizer, Professor of Sociology at Princeton University and Author of Economic Lives How culture shapes the Economy.

-Viviana Zelizer talks about how shared cultural understandings and interpersonal relations shape everyday economic activities.

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Philip Condon, Head of Municipal Bond Portfolio Management, DWS Investments.

-Philip Condon talks about how huge pensions have put some states on a trajectory towards fiscal ruin.

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Gary Kaminsky, Co-Host of CNBC The Strategy Session and Author of Smarter than the Street Invest and Make Money In Any Market.

Gary Kaminsky talks about the strategies and secrets of making money in a zero growth market.

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-Moe wraps up the week by talking about diversifying in asset classes to reduce your portfolio volatility.

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Robert Wiedemer, Author of Aftershock Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global Financial Meltdown.

-Robert Wiedemer offers specific advice on how investors can protect their assets and profit in a global economic crisis.

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Juan Carlos Vartigas, Investment Research Manager at the World Gold Council in New York.

Juan Carlos talks about buying Gold stocks as a good investment and a hedge against portfolio risk.

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Dr. Edward Leamer, Director of the UCLA Anderson Forecast and Chief Economist of the Ceridian-UCLA Pulse of Commerce Index.

-Dr. Edward Leamer talks about the two-month consecutive decline of the Ceridian-UCLA index activity.

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-Moe gives a weekly wrap up on the stock market and the economic effect of the US election. 

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Steve Forbes, President and CEO of Forbes and Editor in Chief of Forbes Magazine.

-Steve Forbes offers valuable solutions for the U.S economic crisis.

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