Moe discusses housing recovery and index volatility. Please call 800-388-9700 for a free FULL YEAR subscription of AAII newsletters offered by our guest Charles Rotblut.

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-Nicolas Retsinas, Dir Emeritus of Harvard University’s JCHS

Please call 1-800-388-9700 for a free copy of America’s Rental Housing: Meeting Challenges, Building on Opportunities

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Moe discusses how blue chips jump despite weak econ data, its impact on the market, and the foreign exchange movement.

Direct download: mw0428u.mp3
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Moe and former Fed Governor, Dr. Robert Heller, discuss the FOMC meeting, Bernanke’s 1st-ever press conference, QE2, inflation & more.

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- Greg McBride, VP at

Please call 800-388-9700 for a free copy of the Report Rising-Rate CDs: Flexibility With a Price.

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- Charles Rotblut, VP of the AAII

Please call 800-388-9700 for a free FULL YEAR subscription of AAII newsletters provided by our guest.

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Moe explains to you the key criteria to evaluate a financial broker or advisor, and make the best independent selection.

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Moe devotes the entire show to discussing savings for retirement. Please call 800-388-9700 to get a free complete retirement analysis.

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Moe discusses the impace of the US debt and how to liquidate it with guest Carmen Reinhart.  Call 800-388-9700 for a free copy of The Liquidation of Government Debt report.

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Moe will discuss the new market peak and concerns. Call 800-388-9700 for a free copy of Short Term Energy and Summer Fuels Outlook from our guest Tancred Lidderdale

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Moe and Peter Eliades, Editor of Stock Market Cycles will analyze the optimistic market future despite the turmoil on Monday. Please call 800-388-9700 for a free copy of Stock Market Cycles newsletter.

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-Peter Eliades, Editor & Publisher of the Stock Market Cycles Newsletter

Moe talks about the markets, which are going down after the downgrade of the U.S. debt.

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Moe and hit book writer Jeffrey Hirsch explain to you how gold climbs historical high and why Dow can reach 38,820

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- Moe shares how the CPI and Tax Loophole will affect your investments. Call 800-388-9700 for free copy of Mattress Investing.

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-Nate Pile, Founder & Editor of Nate’s Notes

Moe helps you to see the true potential of the market and analyze the earnings day and bond market.

Direct download: 4-14-2011.mp3
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-Jeff Hirsch, Editor-in-Chief of the Stock Trader’s Almanac

Moe discusses market cycles with Jeff Hirsch. Call (800) 388-9700 to learn how to get a free copy of the Stock Trader’s Almanac newsletter.

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-Rachel Carroll, Client Portfolio Manager at Russell Investments

Moe talks about the various asset classes.

Direct download: mw041211.mp3
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-Dennis Gartman, Editor of The Gartman Letter

Moe discusses gas prices and how commodities and currencies affect you.

Direct download: mw0411.mp3
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-Simon Constable, Columnist at Dow Jones Newswires

Moe talks about what closed-end funds are and how they differ from mutual funds.

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-John Stewart, Founder of Vantage Economics

Moe discusses good and bad investment decisions. Call (800) 388-9700 to learn how to get a free copy of the Weekly Vantage newsletter.

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-Tom Collimore, Director of Investor Education at the CFA Institute

Moe discusses inflation and the Investing and Inflation: Time to Protect Your Future report.

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-Bob Kea, Putnam Investments

Moe talks about oil and food prices and discusses labour prices.

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-Kirk Barneby, Bond Manager at Security Global Investors

Moe discusses what you should do as interest rates go up.

Direct download: mw0404.mp3
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Moe ends the week with a discussion about just how active should you be in the market and the unemployment numbers.

Direct download: MW_Apr_02_Weekend_mixdown.mp3
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-Lawrence White, Professor of Economics at NY Stern School of Business and Author of GUARANTEED TO FAIL: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Debacle of Mortgage Finance.

Moe talks about unemployement with Lawrence White.


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