Nate Pile, Editor of  Nate's Notes
Biotech may be one of the areas for great organic growth

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Dr. Ben Golub, Vice Chairman at Black Rock
-Have we learned any lessons from the financial debacle?
-Should there be financial reform?  Have we taken our eye off the ball?

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Moe Ansari gives his commentary about the market, the unemployment numbers and investing in gold and silver, with highlights from leading experts from around the country.

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Kenny Edwards of California Numismatic Investments shares how to avoid paying a premium when you purchase gold
-Is the dollar's strength misguided right now?  Is now the time to buy?

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- How are changes in the tax code going to affect your portfolio?
- What about capital gains is there anything you can do to protect your savings?

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Peter Navarro, Professor UC Irvine, author of The Coming China Wars

- Did Google overplay its hand with China?  Should we revise our trade policy with China?


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Dr. Edward Leamer, director of UCLA Anderson Forecast talks about finding accurate data
- What are the best index's to look at when planning your retirement?

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Guest: J D Hayworth R, Senate Arizona (former)

- Will health care reform help or hurt your bottom line?

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Moe Ansari talks about your traditional IRA, ROTH IRA and what difference they can make for you.  He also wraps up an active week in the market.

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Pam Villareal, Senior Policy Analyst at the National Center for Policy Analysis talks about ROTH IRA's

- When should you start investing in IRA's?

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