Richard Spitzer, Publisher & Founder of TrendPointers
-Can the paradigm and political shift steer the economy into
-When you are fearful you become more impatient

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The week closed with the controversial speech of Ben Bernanke about the economic situation. Moe shared his insights and ideas as well as a review of previous conversations with Dan Fuss, Dennis Gartman and Kenny Edwards on commodities and Peter Eliades outlook of the market.

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Mike Dueker, Head Economist at Russell Investments and former Vice President at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.
-Is the US economy facing a fiscal or monetary problem?

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Kenny Edwards, Vice President, California Numismatics
-Why do individuals and governments store wealth in gold?

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Dennis Gartman, Founder & Editor of “The Gartman Letter”
-Is our markets heading into a state of Japanification?

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Peter Eliades, Editor & Publisher of “Stock Market Cycles” newsletter
-Consistency in performance is what makes the difference

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Dan Fuss, Vice Chairman & Fixed Income Portfolio Manager for Loomis Sayles
-Is it the right time to get into bond funds?

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The housing market concerns has dominated the week's discussion bringing in some of the panelists from the housing conference and the best minds to express their thoughts on how to help resolve the housing problem.

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David Thompson, Managing Director of Affluent Market Practice at Phoenix Marketing International
-Why are the affluent pulling their cash out of the market?

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Donald Luskin, Chief Investment Officer and Co-Founder of Trend Macrolytics
-The real cause of economic anxiety is the fact that people fear the unknown

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