Moe ended the week with a positive note of the market's great performance. He summed up the week's discussions regarding market indicators, astrophysics in trading and sandwich generation and how it affects our economic perspective.

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Mark Rogers, Senior Economist at
-Major indicators of the economy include employment numbers and real estate statistics

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Arch Crawford, Editor & Publisher of the “Crawford Perspectives” newsletter
-Can the mother of all planetary alignments, predict a doom to a highly industrialized market economy?

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Denise Voigt Crawford, President of North American Securities Administrators Association
-How do we invest and prepare for the Sandwich Generation stage?

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Ken Shreve, Portfolio Manager of “Market Movers” Newsletter from
-Buy and sell decisions should be based on fundamental and technical analysis
Call 800-388-9700 to get a free copy of Market Movers newsletter

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Kenny Edwards, Vice President of California Numismatic Investments
-There is nothing special in gold investments so you shouldn't pay more for it

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Moe concludes the week with a close look at the emerging markets and how it has shown a bullish standing as compared with other markets. 

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Olivier Jeanne, Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics and Professor at the Department of Economics of Johns Hopkins University
-Is the US becoming too dependent on the emerging markets?

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Dr. John Goodman, President, National Center for Policy Analysis
-Can spending more, taxing more resolved our financial woes?

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Greg McBride, CFA and Senior Financial Analyst at
-Will an IRA reconversion benefit you?
Call 800-388-9700 to get a free copy of “4 Steps to Undo a Roth IRA Conversion”

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