Kate Galkina, Certified Financial Planner at Compak Asset Management

Call 1-800-388-9700 for a free financial review.

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-Jeffrey Miron, Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute
Please call 1-800-388-9700 for a free review of your financial portfolio.

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How do you find a good adviser who can help you protect and grow your nest egg.
Moe gives tips on finding a good adviser whose interest is helping you.

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- Ken Volpert, Head of the Taxable Bond Group at Vanguard

Can Europe keep themselves together, and what does that mean to investors in the US

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- Richard Green, Director of the USC Lusk Center for Real Estate

Where are we headed with real estate, have we finally seen the bottom

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- Alan Blinder, Professor of Economics at Princeton University

- Please call 1-800-388-9700 to have your portfolio reviewed.

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Pam Aden, Co-Editor of “The Aden Forecast”

Please call 1-800-388-9700 for a free copy of the “The Aden Forecast” newsletter.

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- David Kelly, Chief Market Strategist at JP Morgan Funds

Moe discusses the equity market with guest. Please call 1-800-388-9700 for more detail.

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Moe wraps up the week talking about all the market's activity.  Tell you friends to subscribe to Market Wrap.

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- Michael Tanner, Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute

Moe discusses recent market and Euro debt crisis update with guest. 

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